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2.21 Acceleration Lab Module 2 – Kepler Kingdom

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2.21 Acceleration Lab Module 2 – Kepler Kingdom
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Manual Lab Simulation

Purpose: To measure the position of a ball as a function of time and to analyze the motion using graphical analysis.

Materials: Tennis ball, stopwatch, ruler, chalk, Graphical Analysis


  1. Roll a tennis ball for five seconds down an incline, marking its position at each second with chalk.
  2. Measure these positions as distances from the starting point and enter the data in the data table.
  3. Plot a position versus time graph using Graphical Analysis.
Time (s)

Position (m)



  1. Describe the shape of the graph and tell what the shape reveals about the relationship between the position and time for the motion of the ball.
  2. Write a conclusion for this lab.