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2 assignments on basic humanities

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2 assignments on basic humanities
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Assignments 4.1: Greenblatt Article Quick Quiz

There are only three questions here and you will need to write out your answers. Since the quiz requires my attention for grading please do not expect to see an immediate feedback to your work on the quiz. I will not begin to grade these until after the quiz due date, during the week after this module ends.

Article Link: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2011/08/08/the-…

Question 1: Who is Poggio and why is he significant to us?

Question 2: What is significant about Roman stoic philosophy to our studies about Renaissance Humanism?

Question 3:What is “On the Nature of Things”, who wrote it, and why is it important to our studies of Renaissance Humanism?

Assignments 4.2: Renaissance Art Quiz

I want you to write a short essay on the image based on information you’ve seen and read in this Module. Its a well known image, and even if it is not well known to you you should be able to identify it now based on material in this Module. I’ve made this “quiz” worth 25 points.

Quiz 4 point 2 image.jpeg

In a short essay of no more than about 200 words, talk to me about this work. What is the name? Who is it by? The really important aspects I want you to tell me are, what are some important formalistic elements of the work and some important contextual aspects related specifically to the Italian Renaissance. One thing in particular I’d like to do in the short essay is that I’d like you describe linear perspective in the work and discuss why it is important to understand this innovation of linear perspective.