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3500 words total in discussion threads

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3500 words total in discussion threads
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Need 500 word answer #1

1) What is the interrelationship between a terrorist group’s cause (their ‘motive’) and the ‘message’ they are trying to send by conducting an attack on innocents? [if any]

2) What do the London Subway bombings in 2005 highlight about the terrorist attack cycle and the means (tools) employed by international terrorists?

Need 500 word answer #2

1) In your own words describe the differences between a fundamentalist, an extremist, and a terrorist.

2) Describe at least two modern catalysts that have enabled Salafi-Jihadis to become a worldwide international terrorist movement.

Need 500 word answer #3

1) What were the key factors and conditions that allowed Osama Bin Laden to create al Qaeda and build it into a global jihadi terrorist powerhouse network?

2) Compare and contrast the core al Qaeda group (AQ central) with that of the so-called Islamic State or ISIS.

Need 500 word answer #4

1. If you could go back in time and serve on the National Security Council staff of the President what changes would you recommend either President Bush make to his 2003 National Strategy for

Combating Terrorism or President Obama make to his 2011 National Strategy for Counter Terrorism?

2) What measures or metrics do you think would be most effective in determining if a counter terrorism strategy is appropriate and working

Need 500 word answer #5

1) Now that both al Qaeda and ISIS have become parent organizations, which franchise or affiliate of AQ or ISIS do you feel is the greatest threat to the U.S. Homeland?

2) Both AQ and ISIS have demonstrated the ability to adapt as well as recover from major military offensives. Can you picture a day when AQ and ISIS could get over their differences and merge?

.Need 500 word answer #6

1) When it comes to developing and evaluating counterterrorism and homeland security policies, programs and protocols, is there an appropriate mix of offensive overseas actions and defensive security measures, and what criteria for evaluation do you think are most relevant?

2) If terrorism is really a tactic or technique to gain attention for a cause (a means of communication) what are your thoughts on prosecuting a “War On Terror? Is this helpful or a detractor for counter terrorism?

Need 500 word answer #7

1) What new or innovative types of terrorist attacks or approached do you expect to see surprise the United Stated in the next 5 years?

2) What is the National Strategy for Counterterrorism (2018) lacking when it comes to future terrorist threats? What aspects should be adjusted or added to make the NSCT future focused?