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4 discussion

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4 discussion
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1: The Democracy in Athens tied an infectious new political concept with the most vibrant economy and society of any city in Greece.Compare and contrast the monuments that dominated the religious and economic centers of Athens.What were the most important mythological and civic themes represented in each space?How were they represented (sculpture, architecture, text, painting, ritual, etc…)? Can you think of common and contrasting themes that were apparent in each place?What unique and essential parts of democratic ideology would you say each space contributed to the concept of community on the whole?

2: Discuss the main elements of city planning in Classical and Hellenistic Greece with reference to at least two specific cities.What kinds of amenities would people expect in a well-designed city? What were the major monuments and what civic functions did they fulfil?How did city planners express ideas like isonomeia (rough equality among citizens) and royal prestige? How did architectural shifts reflect changing ideas about community organization?

3: Discuss changing expressions of individual power from the fifth century to the Hellenistic period.Make reference to architecture, materials, media and iconography in your discussion.Always focus on specific examples.What were the political and cultural influences that prompted change (be as specific as possible)?

4: Compare and contrast the cult images of gods from the fifth and fourth centuries BC, referring to at least three examples from each period.How did these images differ in terms of style, materials, scale, form and so on?How did the differing images reflect diverse ideas about the gods and the ways in which they should be worshiped?Did these new religious concepts reflect new political and cultural environments? Explain.

each question for 1 page

the ebook link is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JKvVi-HWKIjThVQVs…