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5-7 pages argumentative research paper

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5-7 pages argumentative research paper
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this paper should present a thesis that is specific, manageable, provable and contestable in other word the thesis should offer a clear position, stand or opinion that will be proven with research, you should analyze and prove your thesis usuing examples and quotes from different sources

research &cite from at least 5 sources but using 3 different sources

1 source from ecc library database

1 source from a book, anthology or textbook

1 source from a credible website

the paper should not over rely on one main source for most of the information

5 to 7 pages in length not including work cited page that is required

MLA format

you must integrate quotations and paraphrases using signal phrases and analysis or commentary

you must sustain your argument, use transitions effectively and use correct grammar spelling and punctuation

paper MUST be logically organized and focused