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500 words answer the question

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500 words answer the question
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Please answer the question about the reading that are provided below. Your work will be checked for originality.

There is no upper limit to how many words you write, however you must write a minimum of 500 words total.

Answer the questions as well as you can. The goal is to demonstrate that you have done the readings carefully. The better you demonstrate your genuine engagement with the readings, the better your grade will be.

Please remember to use quotes from the readings in your answer. When you insert a quote from the readings, don’t forget to note exactly where the quote comes from. Please use footnotes or endnotes, and include the author, title, and page number of the source of your quote.

Read one of the following and summarize it in your own words:

Shanghai Lalas: Female Tongzhi Communities and Politics in Urban China, Lucetta Yip Lo Kam, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2012. Introduction + any chapter.