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8-2 Discussion: Reflection and Future Application

I’m studying for my Marketing class and need an explanation.

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8-2 Discussion: Reflection and Future Application
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In this discussion, you will reflect on how you might apply integrated marketing to your own professional endeavors.

After watching the TED Talk How to Get Your Ideas to Spread, discuss connections between Seth Godin’s ideas and concepts within the course. Based on what you learned from the course and this TED Talk, reflect on how you might use integrated marketing strategies in your own professional pursuits.

After reading your peers’ responses, discuss whether you have come up with additional ideas in regard to applying what you have learned. Provide your peers with additional suggestions for future application of their learning. How do you plan to apply integrated marketing strategies in your future endeavors?

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing this discussion.

Peer Post 1

Carly Hunt posted Dec 18, 2019 12:15 PM

In Seth Godin’s Ted Talk, he makes an excellent point. You may come up with a great idea, but unless you make sure it spreads, no one is going to know about it. He also mentions that people have too many options and not enough time, which is a recipe of having your product ignored. The best way to think is, how am I going to have a product stand out? What channels will I use? Who is my audience?

I work in banking in the IT department, but most of my career was on the retail side. When I worked in sales, we would think, how do we stand out? Customers have so many choices, what makes us great? What will make them move their business to us? Technology is important, keeping up with the times and adapting to customers’ needs will help a product stand out. Being able to adapt know your audience and know how to reach them, will help a company be successful.

Peer Post 2

Katie Hire posted Dec 16, 2019 2:56 PM

Thinking back on everything I have learned in this course and all the additional materials is you have to be willing to change with the needs of your market. In this Ted Talk Seth was talking about how selling on TV doesn’t work anymore. Considering how many people just DVR or pay a premium Hulu subscription just to not deal with ads and commercials anymore.

So how can I use this in my and other integrated marketing strategies in my future endeavors? By sticking to the basics and remaining ethical. What do I mean by that? Having one clear message and one identity across multiple channels. By following the standards and ethics set by AMA. I am leaning towards PR but the ethics are pretty much the same as they are for marketing. Another important basic is knowing the audience so research (which I think is what my college career has prepared me for) will be vital in my potential career. The different strategies, the added practice with making smart goals and learning how to create KPI’s I feel will make me a viable candidate in the job market.

I enjoyed this class.

Good luck everyone!