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ACCT 635 case study :A Tale of Missing…Parts

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ACCT 635 case study :A Tale of Missing…Parts
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Pay close attention to the Project and Midterm Exam Rubric on how you will be evaluated. Additionally, you must do the following in your case analysis:

  • Use APA to cite your sources effectively and correctly.
  • Use at least one ethical theory we have discussed in this course OR the KPMG CARE model in your answers. You may also use both. You do not have to frame your answers exclusively in these, but you should reference them and use these tools to help inform your discussion.
  • Do not google, plagiarize, or ask others for help on this exam.
  • Your answers to all case questions should be at least 5 double-spaced pages not counting the cover page or reference page. Do not retype the questions posed in the case; that takes up space and is the oldest trick in the book!