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Adult Development and Aging

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Adult Development and Aging
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Topic 1 – Development Forces and Successful Aging Survey and Research

Directions: In 250-500 words, answer the following questions regarding life-span perspectives and successful aging. You must use three resources; your textbook can be counted as one. Include in-text citations in your responses, with proper APA formatted reference list at the end of the questions.

  • Discuss the major developmental forces (biological, psychological, sociocultural, and life cycle) that influence emerging, middle and late adulthood.Share specific examples for each force, being sure to connect your thoughts directly to research.
  • Describe the current research methods for studying adult aging.Discuss the main approaches for measuring behavior, including strengths and weaknesses for each.
  • Provide a summary of a current research study (within the last 5 years) on the aging adult population and choose a theoretical perspective to explain why the research aligns (or doesn’t) with what the theory claims.What may be some reasons for this?