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Adult Facility Evaluation, Essay

This might be an adult day-care facility, or senior-living retirement home, for example. Your task is to evaluate the physical environment to determine if it supports safety and accessibility for elderly adults with varying physical disabilities.

You will build on this design in constructing a hospice center, which is the focus of the Portfolio Project Option #2.

[Note: If you are unable to conduct a site visit, see the alternate assignment, below.]


  • Select three of the following five rooms to evaluate—bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, or entry way. You want to ensure that a sensible, functional, and easily accessible approach is applied that is consistent with daily living needs. (Keep in mind that senses, perception, and ease-of-movement deteriorate with age and illness.)
  • For each of these rooms, indicate what should be present, eliminated, or altered in some way, based on the following considerations:
  • ease of movement into and out of the space, especially in terms of accessibility for those with reduced, limited, or no fine and gross motor abilities (e.g., use of walker or wheelchair)
  • the chance for accidents, particularly for those with limited senses/perception and movement
  • flexibility and adaption to the person’s changing needs and enabling him/her to have continued independence for as long as possible.
  • Indicate what modifications (one per room) would have to be implemented when the person transitioned from independent living to an assisted-living or nursing-home facility.

Alternate Assignment

If you are unable to conduct a site visit due to physical disabilities or access issues, you may instead write a research paper on the best practices in the design of nursing homes or assisted-living facilities. Address all the questions above and follow the Paper Requirements, below.

Your paper should be 2 pages in length and conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.). Include at least three scholarly references in addition to the course textbook. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.