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Advanced Android Programming

I’m working on a App Development question and need guidance to help me study.

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Advanced Android Programming
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Advanced Android Programming Project 1: Detail Page


You will start building an application named Homepwner. This app was developed in Swift for iOS

devices. You will port the app to Android. This app keeps an inventory of all your possessions. In the case of a fire

or other catastrophe, you will have a record for your insurance company. (“Homepwner,” by the way, is not a

typo. If you need a definition for the word “pwn,” visit www.wiktionary.org.) Homepwner is a complex app that will take the remainder of the semester to complete.

In this tutorial, you will create the detail page for the Homepwner app. The detail page will be displayed using a fragment. Use the material you learned from chapter 7 to accomplish this. When complete, your app should look similar to the screen shown below. The values displayed will eventually come from the list items on the RecyclerView page which you will wire up in the next tutorial. When an item is selected from the list, the detail page will be displayed populated with the data from the selected list item.

The detail page is built using fragments, just as you did for the Criminal Intent app detail page in chapter 7.