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An Interview With Queen Latifah

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An Interview With Queen Latifah
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Purpose: Queen Latifah uses her star power to share her thoughts, messages, and confidence through radio, magazine, and television interviews. Now it’s your turn to get interviewed by the queen! For this assignment, Queen Latifah has recorded a series of video questions to help you reflect on what confidence is, why you need it, and why it’s an essential skill for your career. You’ll also get a chance to discuss someone in your own life who demonstrates confidence and explain how it has impacted their career success!

In this assignment, you will… ? Explain what confidence is and why it is an essential skill for career development. ? Explain how someone in your life demonstrates confidence. ? Explain how confidence has had an impact on the success of that person. ? Reflect on what you’ve learned from the person in your life who demonstrates confidence.

Follow the instructions below to get started on your interview with the queen! WRK110 Assignment 1 (revised 3/22/19) Page 2 of 4 Instundructions:

Step 1: Complete the activities in your Webtext for Weeks 1, 2, and 3. Those are completed already ? Use the Webtext to answer interview questions for weeks 1-3.

Step 2: Download and edit your work ? Download ? After completing all the activities and templates in your Webtext, download your completed assignment from the Webtext. ? (*** You will need to finish all writing templates before you are able to download the complete assignment) ? Edit Your Work ? Use the Strayer University Writing Standards (SWS) to ensure your writing is clear, professional and ethical. For more information on the SWS, refer to the SWS link in the left side menu of Blackboard. Attached is the completed webtexts and answers under them that i wrote. What is need is for you to review and add the neccesarry information that i did not put. Basicallly make it sound better than what it is.

? Check your assignment for grammatical errors? ? Review what you’ve written for clarity? ? Reach out to your instructor if you have any questions? Now that you’re ready…