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Answer the following 9 short answer questions.

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Answer the following 9 short answer questions.
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Answer the following 9 short answer questions using the book “Anything but Mexican: Chicanos in Contemporary Los Angeles” by Rodolfo F. Acuña. Try to put the part of the book that the answer was found in. Please do not plagiarize.

1. What is “Social Distance”, and how do people like Peter Skerry and Robert Fogelson exemplify and embody the

definition. Please give concrete examples.

2. Below is a continuum of immigration policy (the left-right spectrum [contract-expand] of immigration rights), place the

three enduring issues in immigration policy on the continuum: Labor, National Security, and Humanitarian Aid. Why has

labor been such an important issue? Why would Chicanos have opposed the expansion of the H-2 guest worker program

(…think back to the IRCA or 1986)?




3. What are the three dimensions of power? Is there a fourth? If so, what is it? Define “intersectionality.” Why is this

concept particularly important as it relates to power? Also, provide examples from the book of each dimension.

4. Tell me about the Mothers of East LA. Were they a formal movement? As a matter of policy, what were they able to

achieve, and how did they do it?

5. Tell me about Gloria Molina and her rise through the ranks of political offices. Focus primarily on the Board of

Supervisors and Graza v. City of Los Angeles. What did this reveal about the attitudes toward Mexicans at the time?

6. During the fight for Olvera Street, why did Chicanos have a difficult time sustaining a sense of community? Furthermore,

how were cultural traditions undermined and how did the “two faces” of history become ever more apparent?

7. Why was the 1980 Census so historic? What was the legal history leading up to it? In your answer, address (at

minimum) reapportionment, the 14thCouncil District, andCalderon v. City of Los Angeles.

8. “If you vote for me, I’ll give you an Administration that looks like America,” said: __________ _______________.

9. What is “Historical Amnesia”? Why is this particularly problematic? Detail the history of immigration (by decade)

beginning with the 1920s and ending with the 1990s. Include as much detail as you can remember, including prominent

court cases, legislation, and communities specifically at risk.