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Answer the following questions

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Answer the following questions
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Answer the following questions two essays questions

and multiple choice questions

and I will add the book

1. Today, OUTSOURCING is becoming extremely important as facility management budgets shrink and the internal expertise in a company on a myriad of subjects is stretched or not current. Describe FOUR key questions that must be considered when deciding on the functions to be outsourced? What are the Outsourcing criteria? Reference principles presented in the text. (10 Points)

Chapter 2

Change management provides important insight that helps employees at all levels to grasp the need for and the impact of change to adopt sustainable facility management. Develop a well thought out response, in concert with principles learned through the text, and business reasoning why this is so important. What principle is involved and described in the text? (5 points)

fill in the blank

1. Companies are utilizing __________ much more extensively than ____________ as they have in the past relative to facility ownership.

2. The FOUR levels of LEED ratings for new or existing construction are (1)_____________, (2)___________,

(3)_____________________ and (4)________________________.

multiple choice

3. ) ____ For construction projects managed either internally or using design-build, it is NOT desirable to skip steps in the: a- Maintenance and Operating budgets b- Project Planning and Event Planning c- Project Planning and Development Cycle d- none of the above e- all of the above

4) ______ It is important to perform ____________ for all major components of significant construction projects.

a-Life Cycle Costing b-Net Present Value(NPV) c-Avg Payback d-Benefit Cost Ratio e- IRR

5) _____ New Sustainability initiatives and the desire for Green Buildings is helping to advance and enhance______________________.

a- Net Present Value(NPV) b- Avg Payback c-Life Cycle Costing d-Benefit Cost Ratio e- None of thes

6) ______Turnover procedures are oftentimes an afterthought. Some considerations for end of project include: a- Punch Lists b- Operating Tests c- Warranties d- All of above e- A & b only