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Answer the following Three questions.

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Answer the following Three questions.
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Marketing (MKT3151.E1)

Marketing Mix, Assignment 2

NAME: Type your name here


  • Respond to each of the questions below.
  • Please “Save As” this file and include your name in place of “worksheet” before you upload to Moodle (file should be named: MKT3151_Assignment2_LastNameFirstName.doc)

Question 1

Consumer products are typically classified into four categories, based on buyers’ perception of need. These categories are:

  • Specialty Product
  • Unsought Product
  • Convenience Product
  • Shopping Product

Classify each of the products listed below with the appropriate product category by typing your answer in the space next to the product.



Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner

Sending Flowers to Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Nike LeBron 17 Basketball Shoes

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance

Samsung 55” QLED Smart TV

Question 2

Arm & Hammer has been selling baking soda for more than 100 years because they have been able to extend the lifecycle of the product by coming up with new ways to use the baking soda ranging from household tasks, cooking, cleaning, pet care and personal care.

Think of a product whose lifecycle you believe could be extended by finding new uses. Name the product and briefly describe your ideas on how the lifecycle could be extended. NOTE: “brief” means a short paragraph is sufficient.

Question 3

We learned that retailers can be classified in many different ways. The five most common categories are form of ownership, shopping effort, services provided, product lines and location of transactions. Below are these five categories including the various types within each category.

Categories Used to Define Retailers and Types within Each Category

Form of Ownership

Shopping Effort

Services Provided

Product Lines

Location of Transactions

  • Chain store
  • Independent store
  • Convenience retailer
  • Specialty retailer
  • Self-service
  • Full-service
  • Specialty store
  • Limited-line retailer
  • General merchandise retailer
  • In store retailing
  • Non-store retailing
  • For the retailers listed below, select two categories and the type within each category that you would use to accurately describe this retailer.






    Best Buy

    Bonehead Tackle (fishing)


    Please make sure to include your name on this document (at the top of the page) and also in the file name.