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Focus on the concepts we dealt so far, that is, review your notes on implicit bias, dog-whistle politics, stereotypes, and white privilege. In the workshop you need to focus on two of these concepts. You must review hegemonic ideology – as this concept is the link tying the other four concepts above.

Watch Sorry to Bother You, by Boots Riley, Blu-Ray format (unfortunately not streaming) and while you watch the film, keep in mind the concepts above. I recommend you go with a couple of classmates to watch it together. Then answer: how do the concepts mentioned on first paragraph come alive in the film? What are the key scenes that speaks directly to the concepts listed on the first paragraph? How does hegemonic ideology play a role in this film? Pay attention to your reaction to the film.

Take the “How privileged are you? (Links to an external site.)” test – pay attention on your answers. What questions did you wish were asked but were not there? How did you feel about your score? Did it speak of your case? Where did the test fail?

On the day of the workshop, bring your notes on the film, on the test, on the concepts chosen, and on hegemonic ideology.