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Arrays of objects

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Arrays of objects
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For this assignment, I would like you to create an array of objects. You might choose to use as a starting point your car_object, or one of my (sample_class or sample_star_class) found on OpenProcessing page.

  • Create an array to make a program with at least 10 objects.
  • Change at least 1 other thing about the general look of the program.

You must comment your code, especially all of the changes you make to the original program.


For this project, either resurrect your sprite from Unit 1, or design a new simple sprite. Your program should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Use variables for sprite creation values
  • Make the design dynamic by altering the values of those variables so the sprite moves smoothly around the screen area
  • Use conditionals to constrain the sprite onto the screen (do not let it leave)
  • Use conditionals and loops to cause a change in the sprite behavior based on some user input