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Art Discussion

Need help with my Art & Design question – I’m studying for my class.

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Art Discussion
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It is just a discussion so not need to be a page just cover all the questions. And response to 2 classmates.

Using a specific example (artist and work of art) from the textbook/in the modules, explore the ethical issues of verism. Note where you draw the line between an artist’s desire to share veristic realities, and personal privacy. Note if there are conditions or circumstances in which an artist does not have the right to expose others’ suffering and distress. Do the artist’s personal experiences give him or her more license to address others’ afflictions, or should that not matter? Do you agree with Kentridge, that an artist’s dedication to his or her subject, his/her investment of time and energy, might protect the artist against being called an emotional vampire/exploiter/ voyeur?

In your response to others, point out other specific examples that support or provide a different perspective on their arguments. You might compare the work addressed by another student to one of the following cases, which you can find on the internet; note if the case is a more, or less, acceptable use of verism, in your opinion.

    • Arne Svenson’s 2013 project “The Neighbors,” which revealed a family’s daily life (viewed through their apartment window). Svenson was unsuccessfully sued by the family for invasion of privacy.
    • Dana Schutz’s 2016 painting Open Casket, which showed Emmett Till in his casket, in an expressive, abstract style, and was considered offensive by those who called it a “Black death spectacle.”
    • Diane Arbus’s final series of photographs featuring developmentally-disabled women and girls: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-revisiting-diane-arbuss-final-controversial-series