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article summary about animal abuse

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article summary about animal abuse
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– begin by naming the author and title of article

– identify the main point of the article

– sum up the thesis or purpose of the article

– may also include where the source originally appeared

– Do not include any judgments about whether or not the author is right about what he or she is saying, or whether he/she has a well written piece. All that should be included is a basic reporting of what goes on in the article.

You will want to use a lot of what are called “attributive tags” for this essay. Attributive tags are phrases that help you give credit to the author, like “Key goes on to say that…” or “Key begins the article by discussing…” or “Later, the author moves on to talk about some of the key pieces of support for his argument…” These types of phrases help keep the focus on the article, so it is clear that you are summarizing someone else’s work. Otherwise, it can start to sound like you are the one writing about this topic.