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ARTS 1301: Art Appreciation

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ARTS 1301: Art Appreciation
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Think about a dramatic story in your life. If you were to paint this story, how would you depict it? How would you portray the action or sequence of events-even if is a brief story?

Use the following questions to guide you:

What is the setting? What is the time of day?

What is in the foreground, middle ground, and background of the painting?

What are you doing? Are you even in the painting?

If you are in the work, what is your attire? What does your facial expression indicate? What are you doing?

Who else is in the painting with you?What are they doing?

What are they wearing?What do their facial expressions communicate?

What is the mood of the painting? How is that communicated? Through what formal elements (color, value, motion, directional line, etc.)? Are there other visual clues to mood, reaction, outcome?

This should be typed and submitted to me by the due date either in class or via by midnight that same day. Two or more complete paragraphs. Extra credit possible – 0 to 10 points. The more complete, the more cogent, the more points!