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Assignment for MatLab 243

I’m trying to study for my Computer Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

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Assignment for MatLab 243
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  • 1. Write an input statement that will prompt the user for a real number, and store it in a variable.Then, use the fprintf function to print the value of this variable using 2 decimal places.
  • Answer:
  • 2. When would you use disp instead of fprintf?When would you use fprintf instead of disp?


  • 3. Trace the following code and determine what will be printed after each line is executed.

num = 12.3;


fprintf ( ‘ Hmm how many ‘)

fprintf( ‘ lines n nwill print? n’ )

fprintf( ‘ %6.2f n’, num)







  • 4. When would it be important to use legend in a plot?
  • Answer:

5. Write a script that would create a 3×5 matrix of random integers and write this new matrix to a file called “Assignment3_Question5.dat”.