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Assignment on Corporate Governance

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Assignment on Corporate Governance
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Write a 1,500-word paper on the differences in Corporate Governance in the U.S., and Japan, based on the readings in this module.

  • Include your thoughts on how a Japanese-style corporate governance model would affect our conclusions regarding the impact of capital structure on operating and competitive strategy.
  • Do you think the changes in Japanese corporate governance are entirely positive? What are some of the costs of these changes?
  • What recommendations would you make to the board of a US corporation to help them reduce debtholder-stockholder conflict?
  • Can you give examples of actual corporations that have taken steps to reduce the costs of debtholder-stockholder conflict (as manifested in excessive risk-taking, underinvestment, and an excessive focus on short-term goals)?

Structure your write-up as an essay, not in the format of question-and-answer. Your paper should have a beginning, a middle and an end/conclusion. You should explain the structure of your paper in the beginning section, i.e. provide a kind of a road-map for the reader. If you make any statements of fact, provide your sources/citations as much as you can.