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Cartoon/Written Assignments

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Cartoon/Written Assignments
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You are required to find 10 cartoons related to marketing. I have found that marketing can be related to in very humorous ways by many of the talented cartoonists throughout the world. These cartoons are to be copied / attached to your assignment, accompanied by a minimum of a one page / 400 words or so (for each cartoon) of double spaced text stating why and how it is related to marketing, and submitted later in the semester. These cartoons are worth 10 points each for a total of 100 points. Note: you should try to do one or two cartoons every week and relate it to the material currently being covered or already covered. In this manner, you will not be pressed for time the last few days of the semester.

The assignment is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of marketing principles as well as to enhance your ability to apply the principles and concepts covered in class. This assignment should use 12 point Arial font, be double spaced, and have one inch margins all around.