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Case report

I’m trying to study for my Business Law course and I need some help to understand this question.

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Case report
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Q. 1. Was Lee entitled to a percentage of the videocassette sales or can Disney deny the payment under the contract’s provisions? Separately, discuss the two grounds of Lee’s suit:

a. Breach of contract: Specifically identify contractual language that supports each party’s argument. Discuss both sides of the issue of whether the distribution of the videocassette was authorized by the 1952 contract. Reach a conclusion based on your analysis.

b. Invasion of privacy: Specifically identify the form of invasion of privacy Lee is alleging along with any defense(s) Disney has. Debate both sides of the issue of whether Disney invaded Lee’s privacy. Reach a conclusion based on your analysis.


Use business law concepts 1a and b and 2 (included in attachment)

-Present both sides (disney and peggy lee)

-pick who has the stronger argument

-you can site to witkin to support as well

-are there any ambiguous terms