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case study

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case study
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As 21st century global citizens, we live in a world that is filled with complex communication challenges. An understanding of how communication works can help us devise solutions to today’s pressing problems. For this assignment, you will compose a 3-4-page essay that critically examines your own communication skills and practices.

After a brief introduction, choose and describe one communication event from your own life that challenged your ability to relate or communicate well with a person or people outside of your immediate or chosen family (e.g., best friends, partners, etc.). A communication event is a contained unit of communication (e.g., a meeting at work or school, a phone call with a friend or boss, a public event, a conversation with an advisor, friend, or colleague, etc.).

Next, analyze the event by using concepts we have learned in Modules 1-5 of this course. In your analysis, you will define and apply at least three communication concepts from your textbook (hint: check the back of each chapter for a list of key terms).

Finally, in your conclusion, reflect on how you aim to improve your communication with others by offering a detailed description that includes strategies that you have learned in this course.