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Chapter 8 continue

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Chapter 8 continue
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I am trying to

see if anyone can make up a story and make it sound realistic to the

information provided below. I am a Algebra Teacher and ACT prep, so it

will have to be some type of math reading or Reading from the ACT

Ok- You have learned about a TON of reading models and theories and have

made connections to your own classroom practices and to the world of

reading research. Reread the anecdote about Sara on page 1 of your text.

After reading Chapter 8 think about one particular student in your

class this past year who had struggles with reading. Provide us with a

short anecdote about your student and her struggles. Then, provide us

with the “lens” that you could use to explain her reading difficulty and

the intervention you provided to her. Post your initial Discussion and

respond to at least two classmates. This post will take you some time

and thought.