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CHFD308 Week 7 Discussion

I’m studying for my Psychology class and need an explanation.

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CHFD308 Week 7 Discussion
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When evaluating a preschool one of the things some parents will look at is academics that are taught to their child.

1- What are the most important things a parent should be looking for when deciding placement in a


2- How do parents evaluate skill development with regards to problem solving, make-believe and artistic activities within

a preschool? Explain why these factors may be important for this evaluation?

Minimum 250 words answer.


Hello Class and Happy almost week 8 and Christmas!!!

1. Coming from working in a preschool setting the main most important thing a parent should look for when deciding on a preschool is what they child will be learning. The preschool I worked at the teacher had her lesson plan posted on what the children would be doing on a day to day basis. Another factor to consider is price. Some states you may not have to pay for preschool as in Florida it is voluntary and not required before your child enters into Kindergarten. Sometimes if there is a price that price may deter some parents. Something else parents need to consider from my experience is the director or the person who is in charge. I think it is very important that parents and the people who are going to be taking care of your children have good communication skills with one another. And parents knowing that is a problem were to arise then they know that person will contact them. Lastly safety. How safe is the area your child is going to be in.

2. Parents can evaluate their child’s skill development is by talking to them by their day. They can also have some of the things they are doing in preschool available at home so the child can continue their development. Make believe play is very beneficial to children as they develop because it help children attention span, memory, local thinking, language and literacy, imagination, ability to reflect on thinking, and lastly ability to reflect on own behavior (CHFD 308, 2019). It is very important for children to development because of imaginary play children can become better problem solvers and able to be social with others.

ChFD 308. (2019). Cognitive Development in Early Childhood. Retrieve from: https://apus.realizeithome.com/RealizeitApp/Conten…


Hello everyone!

Just a couple weeks left now. We are gliding right along! =)

The absolute most important thing a parent should look for when deciding on preschool options would be 2 factors: Price and Curriculm. I have a kindergartner now, but last year my son was in pre-k and those were the two most important things that I was after. First would be the price because some of these programs are just not affordable. Once price was determined to be in my range, I looked into the curriculum to see exactly what my child would be learning. Depending on income, you may be eligible to ha e your child attends for free or reduced price. IN addition to these two things, I’d say to also meet the teachers and the directors and make sure you feel comfortable with their personalities. Sometimes you can avoid a bad situation by asking around other peoples opinions on daycares and pre-schools or by going to their social media pages to check for reviews. Similar to Ratemyprofessor.com, where you can look up professors and see how well other students liked or didn’t like their previous professors and the reasons why. In evaluating your child’s skill development to see if they are progressing successfully by being in that pre-k program, the parent need to read to them and talk with them on a daily basis to see if there is progression in their skills and knowledge. They can also stop by the classroom and watch what what goes o in the classrooms on a day to day basis and ask their child questions about their days. As our lesson 7 readings this week state, “Literacy is the ability to read and write, which is highly intertwined with language skills development. The path to literacy competency begins at birth. This can be done through book-sharing, reading together, telling stories, singing songs, and conversations. Early learners need a strong foundation in oral language; they need to both hear and speak with others. Children need to be immersed in language practices and reading. Children should also understand that print is a tool for sharing meaning and is another way to communicate. This is called “print awareness.” Children become aware of the print-rich environment when they see adults reading and writing”. – (APU, 2019). Sp parents are needed to become a team with the teachers basically.


APU Lesson 7 (2019)