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CIS130 Database

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CIS130 Database
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Task 9

Research Web or based on your knowledge and experience, select a typical Urgent Care type health care service provider. Any Health Care Services at Urgent Care level will be fine.

Create a 3-4 pages of document in WORD Format about your selected Health First Care Service Provider to include the following:

What kind of Databases (DBs) they use?

Describe some of the Tables included in their Database (DB), and explain briefly role and function of each table, what is it use for?

What other object (like Query, Form…) besides the tables are included within your DB? Describe each briefly.

Is the DB managed on site or remotely from Central Office (or other locations)?

If you act as their Database Administrator (DBA) what will be your solution, workaround, fix for the following scenarios:

· DB Auditing Shows a lot of Redundant Data. Propose your fix and solution. How will you fix it?

· Users have started complaining the DB performance is NOT good, and it is slow. Propose your fix and solution. How will you fix it based on what you have learned from this course?

· The Organizations has been grown and currently DB size has grown exponentially. It has become too large. As a DBA, what concerns will you have. Describe briefly list of your concerns and explain each concern and your corresponding solution to fix that.

· Describe your DB Disaster Recovery strategy and steps to keep DB always up and running. What will you do to have your DB available 7*24?

· As DBA, how will you train your other DB Staff working with you?

· Describe Steps you will use to improve your DB Security

Also, at the end of your document, define each of the following in one sentence. Please be to point:

1. Database

2. Data.

3. Information

4. Tables

5. Record

6. Field

7. Primary Key

8. Query

9. Form

10. Report

11. Trigger

12. Relationship

Submit your 3-4 pages of WORD document in Moodle, before the deadline, using link provided for PROJECT in week 9 below: