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Commerce By Design

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Commerce By Design
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Final submission should include:

  • Project Title and introductory paragraph:

Example of an introductory paragraph:

This project took a look at how interior design can further ideas that transform the way we engage with commerce. Interior designers can help build successful services and physical conditions through design. We create conditions that can make new or emerging practices in consuming less and build resilience more enjoyable. Therefore, interior design can help grow business strategies that enable people to consume fewer resources, energy, water, and material resources.

  • Business identified:

My project studies the business___________. This business strategy helps people consume fewer resources and builds resiliency by __________________.

  • Research:
    • Analysis of the online presence of the business
    • Analysis of the physical presence of the business
  • Design Goal:
    • Select a way to push the business concept to do more by helping consumers consume less (i.e.: Extend the life of things (Manzini, 1994); Design to “consume” services that support sharing to eliminate the need for new stuff (Manzini, 1994); Transform waste into renewed, regenerative, conditions for life)
    • Identify the 2030 desired future- What future condition might this business choose to help make the business strategy grow and help people consume less?
    • Identify a technological advancement
    • Tell the story of your idea, use people to help visualize what people do in your business’ space. Here are two examples: (1) photo image is digitally modified and text is included on the page, (2) sketches are overlayed with people and “mood” imagery. In the second example, a student needs to have text on another page or copy the image so the second time the image is shown it has descriptive text on the image.
    • scenario visual ex.png
      scenario visual ex2.png