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Communication (5)

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Communication (5)
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Re-read the A2 student example essays (under the Assignment 2 instructions) and answer the following questions for each essay (no “yes/no” answers allowed; full sentences only):

  1. What is the thesis of each paper? Are the topics relevant and currently in debate in our country? Does the writer set the reader up for the debate in the introduction?
  2. Does each paper present multiple viewpoints on its topic? Are the viewpoints presented in a fair and balanced way?
  3. Are the sources properly cited at the end of the paper and in the text in MLA format?
  4. Did the writer of each paper handle his or her quotes properly, according to the PDF instructions?
  5. Did each author give his or her opinion in the conclusion? How did they present their opinions to the reader? Was it based on the information discussed in the body of their work?