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Complete 100 word Art Discussion (DUKES)

I’m stuck on a Art & Design question and need an explanation.

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Complete 100 word Art Discussion (DUKES)
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Refer to the 10 M5 “Images of Arts from Africa and the Americas.” Chose your favorite image. Write a mini-essay of 100-150 word giving the name and description (using art terms) and tell why that is your favorite piece of art. You will have to go to outside sources on the internet for information. Do not use Wikipedia as a source. Read a couple of articles about your topic. Your essay must be in your own words. The idea is to inform your classmates about your topic. Find something cool to write about. Cite your sources in the content and include a Works Cited page. This is a MLA style paper and not citing your sources and not including a Works Cited page will count 50 points off your assignment grade. You may use one direct quote (1 or 2 sentences) from an article, but it must have quotation marks around it.