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Complete 4 page Business Report (CAPELLA)

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Complete 4 page Business Report (CAPELLA)
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Read the CapraTek Manufacturing Workforce Data and Career Paths [PDF] document, and apply this data and information to your assessment.


HR professionals can capture a large amount of data in a variety of formats to assist in measuring and validating their staffing and development processes. Assessing the skills of external candidates for the job being recruited while also achieving a good staffing fit with the work group and organization can be difficult. Aside from how well the candidates fit the job requirements, there are a number of other important organizational goals that are a part of this process, including return on investment (ROI), legal and technology impacts, and diversity considerations, as well as the employer’s image and positive stakeholder reactions.

Using a format of your choice, include the following in a hiring and training forecast plan for CapraTek’s Georgia manufacturing facility, incorporating how best to utilize training for future development for HR leadership:

  • Analyze data to determine the number of applicants needed to meet position projections. How did you arrive at the figures for each job below, and why is this forecasted number of employees needed?
    • New interim employees.
    • Unskilled workers for promotion to skilled workers.
    • Skilled workers for promotion to shift leaders.
    • Shift leaders for promotion to department supervisors.
    • Department supervisors for promotion to operations management.
  • Describe employment trends and demographics. How does the use of technology impact staff planning for this geographic location for CapraTek?
  • Develop recommendations to incorporate training for each job level at CapraTek. Include three recommendations based on your data analysis.

Your Hiring and Training Forecast Plan should demonstrate graduate-level writing skills through the accurate communication of thoughts that support a central idea and use of correct grammar and mechanics as expected of a human resources professional.