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Complete Short Art Assignment (SHASTA)

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Complete Short Art Assignment (SHASTA)
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You have a number of choices for our project on Architecture. Choose one:

  1. Locate in your area and do some research on at least three structures representing three different structural systems. Take photos of the structures and insert them into a word document with images and a short description of the structural system used.
  1. Sketch plans or build a model of a structure that would serve one of the following purposes: working, worship, shopping, education, entertainment, or showcasing valuable objects. Try to incorporate at least one of the goals of green architecture into your plan. Designate a name for your structure and write a brief explanation of the reasons that you designed the structure using certain materials, structural systems, elements, and principles of design. You can do this on Word by inserting pictures into your text. Your drawings do not need to be accurate. Some of the drawings I find most interesting are concept sketches of leading architects.
  1. You have just won $6,000,000 in the lottery. Find a location and design plans for or describe with sketches the dream house that you will build there. Try to project your own personality, as well as considering functional and aesthetic aspects of design.

  1. Create a display of the Greek orders of architecture in which you include copies of diagrams of the column types and photos of actual structures in your area that use columns of each type. Identify each structure in your area, its location, and the type of column/order it represents. You could do this on Word and insert photos.
  1. Build a model (from foam-core, cardboard, wood, or other available and workable materials) of your favorite structure from any time in history. Think about the structural system and how you will find materials that will conform to your needs. Submit a photo of your finished project.