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Complete Short College Success Task (GRANTHAM)

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Complete Short College Success Task (GRANTHAM)
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Time Flies

PLEASE NOTE: This assignment will be used to inform your Course Project in Week 4.

Making the transition to higher education is not always easy regardless of whether you are a traditional or nontraditional student. It is critical that you make room in your already busy life for classes and homework.

Did you know that for every credit hour of a college course, you should spend two hours studying/preparing assignments?

Course Credit Hours

Total Time for Coursework

Suggested Time Devoted to Coursework Per Day (x7 days)

1 credit hour

2 hours

30 minutes

2 credit hours

4 hours

1 hour

4 credit hours

8 hours

2 hours

6 credit hours

12 hours

3 hours

Look at the chart above. Since College Management is a 2 credit hour course, you should plan to spend 8 hours per week on class readings, studying, and assignment preparation. Consider the other classes you take and how much time you should devote to studying per quarter.

FUN FACT: When you avoid timewasters, you have more time to spend on the things you love. Purposefully schedule in that time for a healthy work/life balance.

Watch the videos below and reflect on how you spend your time. What changes to your time management will you need to make now that you are in college?


After considering the chart above and watching the videos, consider the following:

What are your timewasters? Netflix? Facebook? Instagram? ESPN? It is important to identify your timewasters and make a plan to prioritize and “take care of your rocks” to get the most out of now.

  • Use this template to chart your time within a typical three-day time period (avoid holidays). Yes, all 72 hours (50 points for completed chart). After reviewing the videos and your time chart, reflect on what you spent the most of your time doing.
  • Use this template to (50 points total):
    • List two (2) activities you spent the most time on during the 72 hours (5 points for listing each activity; 10 points total).
    • In at least two sentences, describe if it was a timewaster activity or necessary task in your daily life and how that activity/task impacts your daily life (10 points for each task and description; 20 points total).
    • In 5 to 6 sentences, describe any adjustments you should make to create a more balanced and efficient use of your time each day in order to meet the requirements of your college courses (20 points total).

Upload both templates for your grade.