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“Crazy Rich Asian” HARM Analysis Essay Assignment the “Cycle of Blamelessness”

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“Crazy Rich Asian” HARM Analysis Essay Assignment the “Cycle of Blamelessness”
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Although there is no evidence of an organized effort to freeze out minorities from Hollywood movies, racist intent is not a necessary prerequisite for perpetuating the character marginalization of minority archetypes (H.A.R.M.) in the movies we’ve seen this semester.

Actress Brenda Song, (Links to an external site.) who rose to fame playing an air-headed heiress on Disney Channel’s “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody,” claims she wasn’t allowed to audition for “Crazy Rich Asians.” because she was not “Asian enough”. Additionally, Adele Lim, a co-writer for the first film, has left the sequel project due to a pay discrepancy between herself and her male colleague Peter Chiarelli, according to The Hollywood Reporter (Links to an external site.).


Relate theses two issues to the HARM Theory and the Cycle of Blamelessness.

Your essay must be 350-450 words, using a minimum of 25 different keyword terms discussed in Chapters 1-13, using 12 point font. Please BOLD type your keywords and show your total keyword count for the essay.