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Create reports containing the following details from the database:

I don’t understand this MySQL question and need help to study.

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Create reports containing the following details from the database:
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Q1 List all book titles in mixed case (upper case first letters, the rest in lower case) along with the publisher’s contact name and the age of the book in months.

Q2 Create a query to show the ISBN, the title in mixed case, the author’s name, current retail price, and the new price with 15% discount. Round the result to cents (two decimals).

Q3 Display total profit for order 1014, in results, include title in mixed case and profit formatted with $ and no decimal places. Consider that the book may be purchased in multiple quantities.

Q4 Display the current date, day of the week, hours, minutes and seconds.

Q5 Display a list of each book title and ISBN, as well as 8th and 9th digits of ISBN and a position of the third occurrence of a 0 in the ISBN. Create a single query.

Q6 Find the length of the publisher’s name field and show each value only once in results.

Q7 Find the date for next Thursday based on today’s date.

Attach and submit your completed assignments in RTF, TXT or SQL format. Please do not include any results from your queries.

ONLY submit the SQL scripts using the following naming convention: HW#_Q#_YourInitials.

For example: