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data analytic case

I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.

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data analytic case
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please read before you accept my question this assignment need Tableau if you don’t have it do not accept my question

this assignment is data analytics case and It is like a questions that we need to answer and we should use Tableau for this assignment… “”As you would think, please do your own work, show all of your work, and explain your process to me in getting where you do for requirement #3 of the case (i.e. screenshots, explain in paragraph form, etc). A turnitin link will be up by the end of the week for your submission.””…..

Q: Can we use the example memo for requirement #3?

A; Yes, you can use the memo template per the instructions for requirement #3. Similar to if you did individual case 2, at actual work, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, so for efficiency purposes you are able to use some kind of workpaper template and tailor it for your needs. I would say use the template and in it include and explain any visualizations you did and how your group interprets what you find. Please also show your work, explain how you got your visualizations (through screenshots, step by step info, written explanations, etc).

Also, this is what the professor asking for and nothing should be copied from online resources or else i will get in trouble.

thank you,