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Develop a project plan including project management knowledge areas in healthcare

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Develop a project plan including project management knowledge areas in healthcare
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You are a healthcare administrator in a popular healthcare facility in your community. This facility has determined to expand its telemedicine capabilities to better reach community members with limited physical access to the facility. You have previously been involved in the exploration of this expansion and have been assigned the development of a project plan to initiate and guide the project. In particular, you have identified that the EHR system will require upgrading to better accommodate the delivery of telemedicine services. Since this EHR is also used to support inpatient and ambulatory services, you will need to minimize any disruptions.

Using this week’s resources, create a project plan including each of the project management knowledge areas (Glandon, 2018). Incorporate your previous assignments to address appropriate elements of your project plan.

Ensure your project plan addresses:

  • Ongoing strategic evaluation of the expanded telemedicine services.
  • Ongoing individual evaluation of telemedicine providers.
  • Likely impact on technology and personnel infrastructure as they support these expanded services and implement the upgraded EHR.
  • How EHR options will be evaluated and selected for the upgrade.

Length: 8-12 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 2-3 additional scholarly references, beyond those included in previous assignments. The total number of references should be a minimum of 12-15.