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Develop Quote Draft

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Develop Quote Draft
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Use the following checklist to help you prepare for the in-class essay. Submit the quote draft you will use during the in-class essay here. Feel free to print it out if it will help you to have a hard copy to reference.

  • Review Freire’s essay, making notes about passages that spark you or catch your interest. Look up words and references.
  • Select quotes from the beginning, middle, and end of the essay that are interesting to you. (I think five is a good starting place–you don’t have to write about all of them, but then you’ll have options)
  • Make sure you have page numbers for your quotes
  • Go back to your quotes and write notes about why you find each quote interesting
    • What does Freire do?
    • What did you or can you do with the passage?
    • What connections can you make to it?
  • Free write or make notes in response to the public motive questions up on Canvas.