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Discipline investigation essay

Need help with my English question – I’m studying for my class.

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Discipline investigation essay
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DI assignment is very important, so you need to read the instruction carefully before you start writing. The topic of DI is about my major, and my major is accounting. In the DI, it requires to interview someone who is professional accountant and is working in somewhere. However, for the interview section and report, you can make it up. You do not need to interview someone, but you must make that is a real person and real place where he or she work. Also, you must have a copy interview questions you used. After you finish your writing, please! Read again to make sure everything should be satisfied. Lastly, you should write you own words because I must submit it on Turnitin. When you used any quote in articles, you should include page number or paragraph number in the in text citation. If you paraphrase, you do not need page number or paragraph number. I will have conference with my professor, so please help me edits later as needed. Words count is 1500 excludes reference page and cover page