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Discussion 1 and 2

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Discussion 1 and 2
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Discussion 1

Human services professionals can be challenged by the sheer complexity of ethical decisions when working with social workers, counselors, caregivers, and administrative employees. By now, it should be clear that ethics and morals tend to be challenging.

The question remains, “Given all that I know about moral rules, and given the unique demands of this situation, what is the most selfless, compassionate, loving act possible” (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2015, p. 35). When it is seemingly impossible to answer this honorable approach, what can a supervisor or service provider do?

Consider options you might think most appropriate as you seek to resolve ethical quandaries, giving your attention to the National Organization of Human Services’ ethical code, “Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals” (linked in the Resources). Also, Chapter 1, page 8 of the Becoming an Ethical Helping Professional text prioritizes the seven resources to which a human services professional may turn in an attempt to resolve a quandary or dilemma.

Suppose an employee service provider has decided to help her elderly client determine whether to sign a life insurance agreement that could benefit the client’s neighbor (the neighbor has encouraged the client to sign the agreement). Post how you would handle the situation.

Your initial post must:

  • Be at least 250 words in length.
  • Contain a minimum of two references with citations in APA style

Discussion 2

Suppose you are supervising an employee who works in a substance abuse treatment facility. The employee reports that a client she is caring for has informed her that the client no longer wants to live and wants help to commit suicide.

The principle is that every client has the right to confidentiality and that the caregiver must respect this right. However, the client also has the free right to make her own decisions in accordance with the principle of self-determination. The employee wants to report the desire of the client to do harm to herself in order to save her life, but the principle of confidentiality conflicts with the right of self-determination.

Discuss your instructions to the employee on how best to resolve this dilemma. Analyze how these instructions will be effective.