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Discussion and feedback

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Discussion and feedback
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Discuss the presentation that you reviewed. If there were multiple presentations you reviewed, what interested you?

This Discussion will not be in groups so that you can read all students comments in class who may have reviewed your presentation. If you waited until the last minute to share your presentation, it may not have gotten peer reviewed. Don’t worry, I will read them all and provide feedback. I may also ask if you would allow me to share with other classes. The Padlet Fire 73 Adobe Spark Preview is where your presentations will exist. Click the box with the arrow in the upper right hand corner to go to the page. Here is a link you can use to get to our Padlet page (Links to an external site.) as well. Only people in the class can see these presentations and is by having the following password: Fire73_0158_2019

My presentation, Juan Calderon.

Discuss the following questions or create your own discussion from your observations.

answears must be atleast 120 words

  1. Discuss the presentation you peer reviewed in Adobe Spark and what interested you about the topic. Was it the title, the title page picture, or the content?
  2. Add any additional helpful information that the presenter may want to add to the presentation and why, or the presenter covered the topic well.