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Discussion Board Post Real Estate Law

Need help with my Business Law question – I’m studying for my class.

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Discussion Board Post Real Estate Law
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In general, an easement is the right to use the real property of another owner for a specific purpose. A license is essentially the ability of a licensee to perform certain acts on another owner’s real property. There are specific nuances between the two however. After reading the chapter, discuss the differences between an easement and a license and give specific examples. Which do you believe affords greater legal protections to the: a) owner and b) licensee?

My hope for you in this discussion is for you to give some examples of situations related to these questions and to discuss why each example fits into either category. Please have some of your personal opinions in this discussion as well. Create your own answer discussing your thoughts on the questions 5 to 10 sentences

After creating your answer, I would also like you to respond your opinions to 2 students’ answers…3 to 6 sentences per response