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Discussion Post & 4 Student Replies Strategic Management

I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.

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Discussion Post & 4 Student Replies Strategic Management
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I need an original post for a strategic management class. The original post needs to be a few paragraphs, using as many of the sources provided that you can. There should be sources in each section you create for the original post. There needs to be 4 replies, but I cannot get access to them until I post the Original Post. So I will need the Original post and then I can send you the 4 student post that I need replies to. The replies should be a couple paragraphs also using a couple sources. This is a 400 level class and the instructor is super intense. I need you to follow the grading rubric totally and ONLY use the sources that I will provide below and attached. The grading rubric will also be attached. There is a portion that has to come from my school’s library. I am going to attach the link, if it does not work then I can send you screen shots or figure out some way for you to access it.


Learning Activity #1: Individual

Cautionary Note: You must use the MergentOnline database in our UMUC library to retrieve the 10K (aka annual report). Taking a shortcut by consulting free online resources could cost you very dearly. Be certain to take note of the specific industry in which your assigned company operates.

The company assigned is:

Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC (NMS: ADAP)

Read your assigned company’s latest annual report [aka 10K] and direct particular attention to the sections titled “Part I Item 1: Business”, “Part I Item 1A: Risk Factors”, and “PART II Item 7: Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations”. You may also visit the company’s web site for additional information discussed in the Annual Report.

Second determine the explicitly stated company mission and vision statements. Do the explicitly stated mission and/or vision statements meet the qualities of “good”/effective mission and vision statements according to the discussions/descriptions in the week’s required/assigned readings (especially the course text readings)? If they are deemed ineffective, then refine and restate them in your own words while ensuring that they meet the qualities of “good”/effective mission and vision statements.

If there are no explicitly stated company mission and/or vision statements, based on your knowledge of the qualities of “good”/effective mission/vision statements, then frame/suggest “new” mission and vision statements for the company. Clearly explain why your new mission and vision statements is effective; offer supporting rationale for your explanation and be sure to cite/reference your statements using proper APA formatting.

Learning Activity #2: Individual

Why/how does deep insights into the three primary levels of strategy enable organizations to formulate and “flawlessly” execute strategic plans in the 21st century?



Mastering Strategic Management: (Scroll down to see chapter readings attached) The proper way to source is under the attachment Strict APA Rules

  • Chapter 1: Mastering Strategy: Art and Science
  • Chapter 2: Leading Strategically

What is Strategy and Why is it Needed?:

Tools and Techniques: