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Discussion post (at least 50 words)

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Discussion post (at least 50 words)
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In America, children are educated in a single classroom with a single teacher throughout elementary school. They receive lots of individualized attention and often form a caring relationship with their teachers.

Middle school changes things. Kids move between classrooms so that they can recieve instruction from specialists. No longer does one teacher teach all subjects – now the student has separate teachers for science, math, and English. And the teachers, instead of having one class of 35 students, have 5 classes of 35 students.

There are many other changes as well, in terms of responsibility, peer interactions, and the importance of course paths and grades. These continue into high school.

In your opinion, 1. how well does the move from elementary school, and elementary school to high school, align with the developmental and educational needs of children? 2. What experiences can you recall where you felt a mismatch between what you needed and what you received in your middle and high school schooling experiences? If you were not educated in public school, or in the United States, how were your schools different? Did they meet your needs?(I want to talk about Chinese education as they educated students in a single room from elementary schools till high School graduates )

Discuss the 2 questions and give specific examples. Share your opinions. At least 300 words