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Discussion Post

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Discussion Post
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Throughout Week 3, you and your section mates will engage in a free-ranging but substantive discussion based upon a series of discussion threads provided by your course’s Lead Faculty Member. These discussion threads touch on the key themes and issues for the week. By responding to the thread questions themselves or by thoughtfully commenting on the observations of your fellow students, you will grow your understanding of and comfort with the most important content from MGSC 6204. Students are required to make a minimum of two substantive entries (i.e., entries that contribute to and further the discussion) per week for credit. Note that you may spread your comments around the question threads in each of the three forums or you may concentrate your comments in fewer threads. Remember that participation counts for 25% of your grade! So get involved!

Go to the Week 3 Discussion Forum and post responses to the following threads:

  1. The Drivers of the IM/IT Sourcing Phenomenon: It is clear that IM/IT sourcing options are more diverse today and more widely and diversely adopted than in the past. How would you explain this phenomenon? What implications—both good and bad—do IM/IT sourcing options pose for today’s enterprise manager?
  2. The Risk Associated with the Management of Sourcing Relationships: What do you see as the greatest risks associated with the outsourcing of IM/IT services? What would you do to mitigate these risks?

Answer the questions in a Q&A format