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Please respond to the following two post 100 words one references each

#1 Ania Molina

Every years, Adult Smoking cases reported in the appropriate authorities in New York City. Health status assessment concerning this problem carried out, and the perception of more affordable care and the health insurance firms changed. The total male number affected by this lung cancer was about 48%, whereas the rate of women was about 53%. Information was obtained from 2000 respondents and completed in late 2017(County Health Rankings, 2019).

A thorough review and report of all health indicators, which include socioeconomic and physical, are compiled. The revision of the compiled reports is carried out by the use of a variety of data. Network administrations of statistics in the health department, community survey of America profiles have been effective in providing health-related outcomes (County Health Rankings, 2019). The collected data has also aggregated at the city level hence easy management.

The creation of the community health center program helps to address this public health problem from the process of education and attention to citizens. In New York, different applications have been implemented that aim to address smokers and prevent consumption in healthy populations. Especially, these programs focus on smoke and tobacco-free space for the youngest (Morrison, 2019). Also, it strengthens the action and support networks to seek help or participate in school and community health policies. From this perspective, nurses are essential to mobilize information from health care centers to the community.

Nurses are the health professionals who most easily link with the communities. As nurses, they must be participatory professionals who are involved in the formulation of policies that address community problems and try to reduce the consequences on people’s health. Nurses can report to the tobacco consumption prevention programs the indicators of citizen participation, such as sociodemographic information that can facilitate the formulation of prevention and health promotion campaigns.


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Morrison, S. C. (2019). Nature as Privilege: How Environmental Changes the Access to Fresh Air and the Effects on New York City’s Communities.

#2 Marcia Quesada

Undoubtedly, nurses stand for the biggest amount of health experts and also confront the duty of examining health issues and also creating an aggregate care program to deal with these issues. Among the groups that matter to me in the community of mine would be the homeless youth. I’m enthusiastic about this particular population since they’re especially vulnerable, are impacted by poverty and get insufficient medical care. Communication issues as well as fear of deportation function as barriers to medical attention. Based on the County Health Rankings, homelessness for people that are young is still a tremendous challenge in the community of mine – Miami, Overtown region – where roughly eighteen % of homeless youth of the nation are in the state (Florida Housing Coalition, 2018). Though the amount of homeless youth elevated by eighty % between 2006 plus 2013 throughout the nation, it enhanced 150 % in the state of Florida and also, much more particularly, in 170 in Miami (Florida Housing Coalition, 2018). These remarkable figures have aroused the interest of mine since over 50 % of the road youth as well as young refugees in the community of mine don’t have a typical supply of medical attention and aproximatelly thirty five % of these youth have reported considerable health issues within the last Year – 2015 (Florida Housing Coalition, 2018). Getting to vulnerable and marginalized populations presents special challenges for nurses each day. It’s crucial that nurses realize the individual as well as the person’s needs should condition the care provided. The construction of a neighborhood health center application will assist a great deal to address this public health issue, because nursing staff are able to assist in the implementation of homeless real estate shows.


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