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Discussion: Think about its

I’m studying for my Psychology class and need an explanation.

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Discussion: Think about its
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You will be responsible for posting a response to one of the “Think About Its” at the end of the covered chapters. You will need to summarize each chapter and generate a critical question based on the assigned readings for class discussion. You will also need to make at least one comment on another student’s response.

Please do Chapters 1.

And responds this one: The information processing approach focuses on how humans attend/observe information and then how they process that information. This approach includes steps that the brain goes through when processing external stimuli and then how to respond to that stimuli. Donder’s light experiment from 1868 shows support for the information processing approach. In the first experiment participants were shown a light and were instructed to press a button when the light was turned on. The reaction time between when the light was turned on and when the participants pressed the button shows that there was a delay most likely caused by the participants having to register the light and then process what to do, which is press the button. The second experiment showed participants a light either on the left or the right and then they had to press a button for either the left or the right when the light was shown. The delay time between when the light was shown and when participants pressed the button increased from the previous experiment. This increase in reaction time can be explained by participants having to register the light, determine which side it was on, and then press the button that correlated to that side. These results can be explained by the information processing approach because the more information participants had to process, the more steps they had to take to respond to that information causing a delay in reaction times.

Textbook materials: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cI4Jec0xsWA7j056R…