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ENG101 lesson 6

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ENG101 lesson 6
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1. Lesson 6, Assignment: Graphic Organizer (15 points)

This assignment is designed to prepare you to write the Evaluation Essay (due in Lesson 7).

  • Think about what the topic you would like to write about for the evaluation essay. Some options include considering a product you have recently purchased, a restaurant you have recently tried, or a piece of media you have recently have seen.
  • Complete a graphic organizer relating to your subject. Consider using one of the Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers. Include your reasons for selecting the organizer and how you might expand it to fit your subject.
  • Review the grading criteria below before submitting this assignment to your instructor.

2. Lesson 6, Sources and the Evaluation (55 points)

This assignment is designed to prepare you to write the Evaluation Essay (due in Lesson 7) and to practice quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing. Complete each of the following steps.

  • Draft a thesis for your paper based on your organizer.
  • Using the tips provided in Lesson 5, find a secondary source about your topic that you could use for your essay.
  • Compose a short 3-4 paragraph review of the secondary source. In your review, you should speak to the effectiveness of the article you selected. What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? What would you do differently? This can be written in the first person. As you write, be sure to include:
    • One short and one long quotation. Your quotations must be cited. Make sure to avoid dropped quotations!
    • A summary with a citation.
    • A paraphrase with a citation.
  • Cite your sources using MLA formatting.