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Engl100 Cause and Effect

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Engl100 Cause and Effect
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Learn to Discern. Your third essay asks you to carefully read and consider James Allen’s text As a Man Thinketh, in order to evaluate Allen’s cause and effect reasoning and discuss the implications of Allen’s conclusions for society. As you consider Allen’s text, make sure that you distinguish fact from opinion and reveal any logical fallacies in his reasoning…if it exists.

To prepare for this assignment (read and consider Allen’s ideas!):

  • First, read the study questions below for each “Part” of Allen’s text.
  • Then, read As a Man Thinketh closely, at least twice, considering the questions to each “Part” as you read. Mull over Allen’s thinking. Take notes on what he says of interest to you and respond.
  • Next, review the numbered essay questions below before you begin drafting your essay.

All Requirements in instruction.doc.